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One consequence of the explosion in the use of computers is the ever increasing quantity of valuable data that companies and organisations have amassed and have stored in their data warehouses.

But just storing the data on its own does not make use of its full value. As well as having relatively cheap and powerful computers, we now have an increasingly ubiquitous medium linking them all up in the form of the Internet. Despite appearances, the use of the Internet is still in its infancy. What is now needed is a way of coupling the enormous amounts of stored information with the ability to access that information in an easy way over the Internet.

Data is now starting to be shared at the "programmatic" level between different organisations via "Business-to-Business" (B2B) standards such as XML and Web Services.

However the owners of information have a need for publishing (in a controlled way) the data that they own to their clients and to other businesses in a manner that is immediately and universally usable - graphically.

EzRender is a solution to this need.

EzRender is a technology concieved, designed and implemented by Petramode Limited for the rendering of data over the Internet that is normally (but not exclusively) viewed in graphical form. The system is extremely flexible in that it can be tailored to render almost any data format (industry standard or bespoke) from potentially any data source to any web browser anywhere on the Internet - even onto a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

There is no software required on the client computer other than an Internet connection and a web browser.

The system allows the viewing of any selected portion of data, scaled to a desired size and is delivered progressively so that a crude image appears very quickly with the details being progressively filled in as the bandwidth allows.

Potential applications include internal publishing of complex data within an organisation, "window dressing" of information for marketing purposes and inter-company proprietary data exchange - in fact any situation where one party wants to be able to browse and look at data owned or held by another. There is potential for use in both the public sector (e.g. Health Service) as well as private industries where complex data needs to be visualised (or rendered), such as the Oil Business.

The great power of the EzRender engine is that it is general purpose - and hence potentially applicable to any kind of data source and data format. It's unparralelled speed, efficiency and flexibility means that it can be applied to many different data rendering applications.

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