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EzLog™ Well Log QC, Manipulation and Digitising System

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EzLog is a full-featured professional software system for the management, quality control, viewing, plotting, printing and digitising of Well Logs.

EzLog incorporates the following features:

  • Viewing of very long raster files with images of well log prints
  • Calibration of a reference grid overlaid on the well log print
  • Specification of grid track layout
  • Specification of well log curve parameters
  • Importing of LAS and LIS files, including header information
  • Manual digitising of curve data
  • Computer-assisted digitising of curve data
  • Fully automatic, multiple-curve digitising of curve data
  • Simultaneous synchronised on-screen QC plotting
  • Full support (automatic and manual) of curve backup and multiple scales
  • Curve Copy/Paste
  • Curve Stretch/Squeeze
  • Fully definable QC Plot output
  • Export to LIS format
  • Support for black and white or colour log prints
  • Compatible with WebDataView™ for web-based viewing of well logs, including vector on raster overlay

For a free, downloadable version of the EzLog Viewer, including the full help system describing the features of EzLog, please go to our EzLog Software Download Site.

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